Glass Backsplash

A glass backsplash is a wonderful addition to any space. Glass is not the first materials that people associate with backsplashes. But in practice, a kitchen, bathroom, or any space with a glass backsplash instantly receives an upgrade.

Glass can be used to give a space a sleek and stylish look that is right in line with most contemporary styles. But since glass is known more for its subtly than for the loud statement it makes, you can work a glass backsplash into almost any type of design scheme. No matter what you are trying to achieve with your project, a glass backsplash can serve as a powerful complement.

Looks are not all that these backplashes have to offer either. You will pay less for a glass backsplash than you likely expect. And you will get more value out of it over the long term since they are designed to retain their “like-new” look and feel for years after being installed. Plus, cleaning a glass backsplash takes a minimal effort, especially compared to the alternatives.

If you are in the midst of a full-scale renovation, or simply looking to make small but significant upgrades to a space, keep a glass backsplash in mind. It may not be the first thing you think of, but it’s a bold design decision you will be glad you made.

Glass Backsplash from Grove Glass & Mirror

You may not be able to find a glass backsplash that is the right size or style. And in some cases you may struggle to find any options at all. That is why more people rely on Grove Glass & Mirror. We create custom pieces of high-end glass and install them to look and function perfectly. Basically, we make all the benefits of glass available to a lager number of people. Here are some unique promises we make:

  • Custom Glass – Design a glass backsplash according to your exact requirements.
  • Precision Production – Use premium glass produced with advanced techniques.
  • Pro Installation – Feel confident knowing your glass backsplash is being installed by an expert team.
  • Complete Service – Get all the information and assistance you need from our expert team.

When you are ready to learn more about Grove Glass & Mirror, call 561-523-1055.