Custom Wine Cellars

People with a passion for fine wine know the value of a custom wine cellar in South Florida. With fluctuating temperatures and occasionally wild weather, don’t leave your treasured wine collection unprotected.

Grove Glass & Mirror offers top quality design and construction of both residential and commercial custom wine cellars throughout Martin, Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties.

Our professional wine cellar contractors will customize the ideal environment to preserve and proudly display your valued wine collection to suit your individual needs.

Custom Wine Cellar Design

Whatever your space or budget requirements, our designers can create custom wine cellars to keep your wine safe and accessible. From small wine cellar closets to large, decorative wine tasting rooms, we will collaborate with you to design custom wine enclosures to fit your style and particular wine preservation specifications.

Whether you’re considering an existing space or a newly constructed enclosure, our design consultants will help you make the best decision.

Custom Wine Cellar Construction

Wine cellar construction in South Florida requires skill and expertise. Our experienced wine cellar builders will construct the ideal preservation room to house your precious wine collection safely.

As true wine aficionados know, wine preservation requires precision. Don’t expect just any contractor to understand the delicate balance of light, temperature, and humidity the perfect wine cellar must have. You can trust Grove Glass & Mirror to build a wine cellar that will protect your prized investment for decades to come.

Custom Wine Enclosures For Homes

Residential wine cellars should reflect your personal style while blending with your home’s existing design. When built correctly and with aesthetic appeal, a residential wine cellar in South Florida can become a focal point and raise your home’s value. This desirable and hard-to-find home feature will set your property apart. Plus, you’ll rest more comfortably knowing that your wine collection is treated to the perfect conditions.

Custom Commercial Wine Cellars

Commercial wine cellars add a high level of sophistication and enjoyment for patrons of restaurants, sporting clubs, and golf resorts. Establishments that offer the most exquisite wines require superior preservation and tasting rooms to impress their guests. Grove Glass & Mirror offers custom wine cellar installation for country clubs, wine bars, and hotels that will delight customers and business owners alike.

We know what it takes to help your wine age gracefully. Call Grove Glass & Mirror for a private consultation today.