Glass Showers

Glass showers remain one of the most popular design options out there. If you are building a new bathroom, there are styles of glass showers to fit any look you are trying to create. Whether your goal is to make the space feel clean and modern, or warm and cozy, there are types of glass showers that will help you achieve your ideal look and feel.

Style is not all that glass showers have going for them. They are also worlds different from other types of showers because they make the shower a part of the room rather than closing it off in its own closet. Bathrooms with glass showers automatically feel bigger and more open. They allow light to fully fill the space. And they incorporate design features inside the shower like tile work or sleek fixtures into the composition of the entire bathroom. You can’t get this same stunning effect with any option besides glass showers.

From a practical standpoint, glass showers are an ideal option for homeowners who want to upgrade their bathroom but not double their workload. In fact, glass showers are a lot easier to keep clean and sanitary since they rely on smooth, flat surfaces without cracks or porous materials. Glass showers maintain their appeal for longer since they are largely immune to signs of wear and tear. With a minimum amount of maintenance, glass showers look like new for years.

Shower Glass Replacement

No need to worry if you have a broken glass shower door! We are experts in shower glass replacement and will make your shower look as good as new.

Shower Enclosure Installation

Glass showers are always a welcome addition to any bathroom. But the particular glass showers you select from have a big impact on how much you love your bathroom improvement project. The quality of the materials, installation, and overall experience really matters, which is why more people choose to work with Grove Glass & Mirror. Here are just a few of the ways we go above and beyond for people who want glass showers.

  • Custom Designs – Create a shower space that meets your exact needs and wants.
  • Advanced Engineering – Take advantage of premium materials and high-tech production processes.
  • Expert Installation – Trust our team to get your glass shower perfectly installed.
  • Total Commitment – Rely on us for information or assistance at anytime.

If you are ready to learn everything you need to know about glass showers, contact Grove Glass & Mirror at 561-220-0100.