Frameless Shower Door Installations

Grove Glass specializes in custom frameless shower door installations in South Florida. And we go above and beyond for each client we work with:

  • Custom Designs – Let us build the frameless shower doors you have been dreaming about.
  • High-Tech Production – Our doors are built using advanced materials and innovative processes.
  • Expert Installation – Count on our shower door experts to perfectly install your door.
  • Exceptional Service – We do everything possible to ensure you have a stellar experience.

Many people are surprised and delighted to discover how something as simple as frameless shower doors can have such a big impact on a space. These are simply glass shower doors without a frame outlining their edges. But in practice they become a focal feature of any bathroom, along with a major upgrade over other types of shower enclosure options.


Since they were first introduced, frameless shower doors have been a trendy and stylish option. That shows no signs of stopping, because this is a truly timeless design. Frameless shower doors fit into a classic bathroom or a sleek and stylish space with equal ease. And since they give you such a clear, direct view into the shower area, they do not make the space feel cut off or the room feel cramped. The thing homeowners come to love about frameless shower doors is how little they notice them at all.

Even though these doors are made from large pieces of glass and have a minimum amount of hardware, they are strong, sturdy, and safe. Plus, since they are so simple and smooth, they are a much easier option to keep clean. And they will last for years and years still looking as great as they did on day one. Frameless shower doors are the rare option that is both a style and a functional upgrade.  Our experienced shower door installers are ready to give you a free estimate.

Custom Shower Enclosure Installations

You will not want to pick just any doors to make the centerpiece of your bathroom. And once you do find an exciting option, you will want to ensure that they are precisely installed. Find everything you’re looking for at Grove Glass & Mirror. We provide frameless shower doors and custom shower enclosure installations along with other premium glass products. Grove Glass & Mirror is a glass shower enclosure installation company in South Florida.


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